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Roles of access to CM Portal and authorizations

CM portal offers a lot of settings of access authorization, which can be adjusted and customized for the needs of every user. Types of access, as well as settings of their authorizations are described in the submenu.

Maintainer - Maintainer account has the highest priveledge and has access to all objects registered in the CM environment.

Operators and groups - A user who manages assigned customers / computers in CM and solves requests of other users. He gets his customers assigned by a maintainer, and there can be more operators assigned to one customer, while one has the main responsibility

Customer account - This type of account is created for customers. A customer account is able to perform a lot of settings of various combinations of accesses, and if allowed all options, a customer account has the same authorizations as an operator.

Easyclick accountAn account for a customer's contact person, which is created automatically after registration of the customer through the default option  Create an Easyclick account. You'll have an access function of entering of requests via Customer Desk Easyclick requests, i.e. after double-clicking on the C-Monitor client icon, a simple form for entering a new request will open on the computer.