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List of file extensions

Overview of the file extensions used in C-Monitor client

OS Windows:

.sdl - schedule list file - file for scheduled tasks of the C-Monitor client scheduler
.sbs - backup settings file - files with settings of C-BackupPlus backups
.sel - eventlog file - file for events found through the module C-EventLog
.sff - filefinder settings - file with settings of file searching through the module C-FileFinder
.sfl - filelist file -  file for files found through the module C-FileFinder
.sis - image settings file - files with settings of C-Image backups
.sob - outbox file - files for sending to CM Server, located in the directory \Cmonitor\Outbox
.spd - permitions data file - information about NTFS authorizations from the module C-PermExp
.sdf - descript file - output file with information from the module C-Descript
.swl - watches list file - configuration file for Watches
.svw - C-vmwBackup settings - files with settings of C-vmwBackup backups