New CM version 2.6.

Major CUSTOMER MONITOR® upgrade to version 2.6.

The new version once again brings many new functions.  Since this version, you have the option to pay for CM operation also by credit card, in the form of subscription for your chosen period in advance; we´ve launched this new informative web, so you could use all of our functions better. Many of them are available within the basic price, and by using them you increase your benefit.

In the new version, you´ll find :

Major new functions

Credit (online payments) - payments for usage by credit card in the form of credit for your chosen period
C-vmwBackup - a brand new backup program for vmware vsphere fully integrated into CM
C-Monitor client  for (Mac) OS X - C-Monitor has accessed OS X
Knowledge base  -  register your knowledge and solutions transparently
Linking of Business agenda with the accounting system Pohoda - issue material directly from CM


Significant improvements

Upgrade of C-Desk by MiniDeals - for registration of requests forwarded to realization  
C-Monitor client major improvements : 
    Online monitoring Watches – additional data transfer after outage of connection with the PC
    Info panel – basic computer information and navigation (Windows version only)
    Online information extended by values from Ping RTT and Ping PL


Read all news in  Support -> Update history -> Important upgrade to new version 2.6.