C-Monitor 3.0.742.4



  • Fixed Easyclick opening - secure selection of the correct default browser.

  • Possibility of switching from http to https.

  • With websocket, you can extend http / https communication intervals from C-Monitor to CM server to reduce the burden of CM Server.

  • New watch condition for comp time deviation.

  • New watch condition for bitlocker (Disk Bitlocker status) - monitors whether the bitlocker partition is available to the user.

  • New watch conditions for accessing files and directories with given permissions - can be run as (user must exist on given pc or domain) or remote (user must exist on target device):

    • Exists File (as user)
    • File Size (as user)
    • Files Size in Directory (as user)
    • Files Count in Directory (as user)
    • Exists Directory (as user)
    • Directory Accessible (as user)
  • Scheduled Tasks in Scheduler - advanced options for sending email based on the task status (according he exit code) – run, failed, or always send (default / previous setup). The Watches Wizard dialog has been adapted accordingly.
  • Descript 3.0.395.0 currently collects information:
    • SSD detection
    • Bitlocker - which partitions are protected   
    • Kaspersky Antivirus Detection
    • Default browser (moved from computer configuration to user information) 
    • Systeminfo
    • Used wifi networks.
  • Backup 3.0.403.0 - Fixed ZIP volume size (in some cases it was smaller than set).


C-Monitor 3.0.737.0



New generation functionality

  • New form of communication between C-Monitor client and CM server using online websocket communication protocol. It brings faster responses.
  • CM Remote - remote screen connection.

Significant changes

  • New graphical menu layout in C-MonitorConsole.
  • New dialog for selecting Easyclick screenshot from multiple monitors, possibility to cut or transfer the image from clipboard.
  • New vmwBackup for 6.x versions (standalone update package).
  • Brand new SFTP server module (standalone update package).
  • C-Monitor security enhancement - handling any exe file possible only under the administrator's account.
  • Protection against unauthorized shutdown of C-Monitor - After "killing" the monitor.exe process in service mode, it will restart (needed a correct exit through the C-Monitor control menu or C-MonitorConsole)


  • Correction of not showing icon in tray on Win10.
  • Full differentiation between Win10 and Win2016.
  • Descript detecting new versions of ESET antivirus home (ver. 8,9,10).
  • New Watch condition for monitoring Public IP (reads public IP of your internet connection).
  • Template updates for Synology.
  • Descript detecting the date of the last successful OS update to WIN10 (the way of identification has changed).
  • Improved MS Office ClickToRun version detection.
  • EventAnalyser - possibility to enter a specific interval of event loading (from - to).
  • IPScanner - suppressed screen "flicker" during search.
  • C-Image - works better with new disks and operating systems.
  • Added switch to interactive services screen in WIN2016 / WIN10.
  • Displaying release and build of Windows in OS zones (e.g. for WIN release1803, build 17134.1.amd64fre.rs4_release.180410-1804).
  • New zone Certificates - retrieve certificate expiration dates from Certificates Store and OpenVPN.
  • The C-Monitor and C-MonitorConsole dialogs take into account font magnification and icon smoothing.
  • Two-level security for communication with variable keys for the new CM mobile app.
  • Fixed loss of some messages while the CM server is temporarily unavailable.
  • Fixed NB / PC detection when registering C-Monitor.


C-Monitor 2.9 and older versions


Please check page New features in CM.